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What is Solar power? It is light and heat radiation from the Sun converted to generate Electricity. We have been experimenting with the intention of producing electricity from the Sun, since the 1880’s. Charles Fritts developed the first Solar cell or Photovoltaic cell during this time.

The idea was encouraged by Ernst Werner von Siemens the founder of the German Electronics giant Siemens and a German Engineer Bruno Lange took the idea further in the early 1930’s. Engineer Lange used Silver selenide instead of Copper oxide for his Photovoltaic cell, but was able to convert only about 1% of the light that it was exposed to, into electricity.

Today the systems to convert the Sun’s energy to electricity have advanced but we have many a mile to go. The potential of harnessing the Sun’s energy and converting it into electricity is mind boggling.

It is estimated that more than 40,000 exajoules of energy can be harnessed from the Sun annually, whereas the world needs only about 560 exajoules of energy annually to sustain itself, as per findings recorded in the year 2012.

Solar energy is the answer to our energy woes. It is renewable, clean, green and free. We need only to develop more affordable solar panels technology which could be installed easily and conveniently for long term use.

Countries the world over have begun to realize the potential of developing affordable solar power technology and the race has intensified competition and many new developments are patented regularly.

Germany which has promised to phase out its nuclear power dependence within twenty years is the largest producer of solar power, which crossed 36 gigawatts (GW) in early February 2014. They could be a good example to other countries where the Sun shines 365 days of the year, and have done nothing about it.


Australia’s future energy needs


Australia is the main supplier of Japan and South Korea’s energy needs, exporting a major component of these two countries coal and gas imports.

Nearly 50% of all Australia’s fossil fuel exports are gobbled up by these two industrial giants, who would continue to depend on us even in the future.

Australia has the potential to continue providing the energy to these two countries by way of solar and wind power in the future too.

It may be interesting to note that these two countries import about 20% of their present energy needs from Australia.

We would need to look at the possibility of continuing this very lucrative market stepping into the future too, as International conventions are today bearing down on the prolific use of fossil fuels which are causing untold damage to the world’s environment.

Our strategically placed continent has the ability to harness wind and solar power exporting our excess to these neighbouring countries earning millions of dollars in much needed revenue.

We would need to invest billions of dollars to meet the requirements of these two developing industries as they would need to depend on Australia to continue supplying them their energy needs.

Towards this end we would need to spend on Research and Development (R&D) and find the right solar panel technology to harness the optimum solar energy and convert to solar power.

Solar panels are the future to our energy woes and we need to bring out the best solar panels if we are to create mass marketed solar power systems that would be easy to install, and affordable to all.

To add impetus to the much hyped solar power subject solar panels Sydney and solar panels Melbourne have taken the cue to address their respective communities and educate them on the pros and cons of going green and clean.

Whilst electricity consumption has increased in Australia so has the cost of consuming it. There has been a gradual increase in electricity prices over the last five years which is about 60% as recorded.

Solar panels Brisbane, solar panels Adelaide and solar panels Perth have always been conscious of the fast changing scenario where energy consumption is concerned.

They have been striving to get householders to change over to solar power and shift allegiance and their total dependence on the National Grid for their energy needs. 

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